What our clients have to say

They were probably one of the neatest roofing contractors that I have ever seen. They left everything clean. My gutters were cleaned out, and there weren’t nails or anything lying around. All of the flashing and the roof jacket was painted. They took care of everything. I was pleasantly surprised.
— Kevin K.
The whole company, including the quality of their workmanship and their cleanliness, they provide great workmanship and good quality materials.
— Jenny R.
They just went out of their way to be helpful and professional. They were just great. It was a wonderful experience. I was most satisfied with the outcome.
— Kathleen H.
They were really personable and gave really attentive service. They did everything they could do to get everything done on time, and they were very customer service oriented.
— Rick H.
Everything, I thought they did a nice job. They came back when I had an issue and fixed it. Their price was good. I liked the owner, and his wife was really nice too.
— Julie S.
They did a quality job. They were clean, had good customer service, good communication, and they showed up when they were supposed to.
— Ed J.
They did a great job. They were quick, neat, and did the job in a timely fashion. They were very polite people.
— Maddie W.
They were clean. Everyday the job was clean, and it didn’t look like a pigsty.
— Tim K.
The roof didn’t leak when they were done. They did a neat job.
— Glen T.
They did the job, and it hasn’t caused any problems.
— Janet D.
They were very thorough, prompt, and professional.
— Mike A
He came and worked on a Sunday to get it done, since there was a storm coming in. I can’t say enough about him. He was great. I would hire him again. He was cheaper than everyone else.
— Jeanie S.
They were just great. They were terrific. The job was above and beyond. The crew was great and so was the owner. Everybody was great. Their service was outstanding.
— Don V.
If you have a problem a year and a half later, they still help you. They deducted the cost for a defective item. He is a real gentleman. They give 100% customer service, which is hard to find these days. They return their calls promptly. He’s right on
— Joanne R.
He is prompt, and he does what he says he is going to do for a fair amount of money. He does a darn good job. I wish I knew more subcontractors that worked as well as he does. He is a star at that game.
— Burt H.
I liked Kurt, the owner. He was incredibly knowledgeable, flexible, and pleasant to work with. He had great customer service. I liked the quality of their work. He was referred by someone who inspects homes, and he said you can’t get better performance or quality than from Kurt’s company. They were fantastic.
— Kim B.
It’s a husband and wife who own the company. They were so honest and displayed a lot of integrity. They were very kind and very helpful. If I need work in the future, I wouldn’t call anyone else. I was very happy with their service.
— Tim M.
Kurt couldnít be any better. Their quality of work and their approach, they were knowledgeable. They were also very friendly.
— Frank T.
Price, quality, and reliability
— Doug L.

Licenses – Certifications

BBB Accredited

Contractors License #956499

Class C 39 (Roofing License)

Class B (General Contracting) 

Workman's Comp Marin Builders Association